Merifor Serenity Cot Bed Mattress receives Which? Best Buy Award 2018

After the launch of Merifor last year, we can successfully say that the start of 2018 has been a very positive one for us here at Merifor. As some of you may have already seen, in January we were delighted to receive the news that our Serenity Cot bed Mattress had won the Which? Best Buy award.

Why is our Serenity mattress so special?

Not only has it now been recognised by Which? Best Buy, but Serenity, like all of our mattresses here at Merifor, is UK Allergy Approved. This means you can rest assured that your little dreamer has the best protection from allergens in the sleeping environment, helping to keep your baby happy and healthy not only now but for years to come.

Serenity has been created with supportive pocket springs that adapt to your child’s changing weight and shape, with added strength and stability through crush resistant side-walls. It also includes our unique sealed waterproof inner cover to protect the mattress core from contamination. With these integrated features, your child is protected even when you walk away from the cot.

Our mattresses are handmade and rigorously tested to ensure they comply with the latest British cot mattress standards, BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 and BS7177:2008 + A1:2011 for Domestic Use (Low Hazard).


What did they evaluate during the Which? tests and how did Serenity match up?


* Made up of nine layers, Serenity includes 220 individually pocketed springs and superior nursery foam
* Waterproof inner core with a removable outer cover, washable at 60 degrees
* It also comes with a 3 year guarantee

Support for your baby:

Our Merifor mattress is medium firm and after testing using a 12kg and a 20kg dummy, Which? confirmed that it offers excellent support, your baby’s spine in the recommended back-sleeping position.


After testing Serenity for durability by simulating 2 to 3 years use, Which? found that there was no discernible change in height or body support. Therefore, Serenity provides not only the ultimate protection and support for your baby, but also the best sleep environment possible.


So, the question to ask is, should you be looking to buy Serenity for your little dreamer? We are proud to say that according to Which?, yesyou should. 

To find out more about our Serenity cot and cot bed mattresses, click here.