Whilst Christmas is a fantastic time of year for relaxing and lots of eating, it’s also a great time to catch up with family and friends who perhaps you don’t see as often as you would like. However, that does mean that the dreaded T word is involved…

Travel cot mattress

Travelling with a little one is not always easy and can be disruptive to their normal routine, so below we share 7 of our top tips for travelling during the festive season:

  1. Plan your route: although not always easy, try to plan your journey at a time where traffic is likely to be less heavy, try to avoid travelling in peak times. Early mornings and later evenings tend to be the best time for this.
  2. Feeding times: if you are taking a long journey where feeding will be needed, plan stops on route to make sure that you can cater for your babies needs, stretch those legs and grab a coffee too!
  3. Make a list: it sounds logical but making a list of everything you need to take is a sensible idea. Don’t rush it, over the period of 2 weeks or so, jot down things that you need/use on a daily basis and when you come to pack your bag, you will be left with a list of essentials.
  4. Buy a good quality travel cot mattress: from place to place, noise levels and lighting will be different. If this isn’t disturbing enough for your little one, add to that an uncomfortable travel cot mattress and you’ve got a recipe for disaster on your hands. Look for a mattress with essential features such as a removable cover that can easily be washed, temperature regulating treatments and anti-allergenic properties as new places may irritate baby’s skin. Our Merifor travel cot mattress includes the above features and more, click here to shop now.
    travel cot mattress
  5. Take items that will make it feel like home for your little one: taking blankets and toys that smell familiar will help make baby feel reassured during the trip away.
  6. If it’s too much, consider booking a hotel: at this time of year families want to be all together, so this may mean staying in the same house which can be loud and crowded. If you think it might be too much for your little one, don’t be shy, politely decline the offer and book a hotel. Remember – a crying baby during the night can also be upsetting for others staying.
  7. Manage expectations to avoid stress: make sure your family understand that you have a little dreamer and that you may need to absent yourself to feed, nap or bath them.

So whether you are travelling abroad or nationally this Christmas, make sure you follow our top tips to ensure a sound night’s sleep for your little dreamer.