All mums want when the clocks go back this weekend is an extra hour’s sleep …nothing fancy, no novel writing or ‘me’ time, just a bit of shut eye.

In a poll we carried out we asked mums of young children how they would spend an extra hour when the clocks go back on October 28th, sleep came out on top – especially for mums of children under one.

Although extra sleep was the overwhelming answer, other responses included home admin, reading a book, having a bath and family time cuddling in bed.

It’s well known that when babies and toddlers sleep so do their parents – so here are our Top 5 Sleep Tips to help babies sleep soundly throughout the night.

  1. Buy a quality mattress. We all sleep better when we’re comfortable and properly supported.
  2. The best position for your child to sleep is on their back, with their feet to the foot of the cot
  3.  Remember every baby is different, try not to compare with other babies‘ sleep schedules
  4.  Try to make sure the temperature of where your baby is sleeping is between 16-20oC, with 18 oC being ideal
  5.  Don’t worry about tip-toeing around your baby when they are sleeping, it’s good for them to sleep with white noise.

Happy sleeping!

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