Serenity Cot Mattress

A supportive pocket spring mattress that includes a unique sealed core and allergy protection, providing the best sleeping environment for your little one.


SIZE: 120 x 60 x 10 cm



Serenity is a supportive pocket spring mattress that adapts to your little dreamer’s changing weight and shape. The unique waterproof sealed inner core and heat regulating outer cover with anti-allergy properties, provide the best sleeping environment for your baby.

All Merifor mattresses include essential features that work together to create the best anti-allergy cot mattress and provide the ultimate protection for your little dreamer.  Pocket Spring  Moisture Wicking  Anti Allergy  Anti Bacterial Fabric  100% Waterproof  100% Vapour Permeable  Skin Friendly  100% Hygiene Seal

The mattress is great, comfy and firm to feel. Although daughter is now dry at night it’s great to know you can remove the cover to wash also if she did have an accident and that the mattress is protected from accidents. A final plus is that since getting the mattress she also now sleeps through the night - it may be coincidence but it may also be her being able to sleep better! Overall, super happy with this product!