Our mission is to protect our future dreamers

Our philosophy is not so much about what we do but about why. We believe all children should have the best start in life and this begins in the cot, with the cot mattress.
We have over 25 years experience in cot mattress design, so we know creating the healthiest sleeping environment is of the upmost importance for the future wellbeing of your little dreamer

“Our vision is to create a world where every child gets the best start in life. We align ourselves with those who share our vision and beliefs. In doing so we create a better world for the generation to come.”


Our Heritage

Our journey started in 1993. Those early beginnings were a time of invention. Being new to the market we had no constraints. We challenged established thinking, something we continue to do  today, and created the best anti allergy cot mattress range possible.

There is still much to do but, looking back, we are proud of our achievements and look forward to our journey ahead.

We want you to feel reassured

Your little dreamer will spend up to 50% of their early life asleep, which is why deciding on a cot mattress is so important. All Merifor mattresses have been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and come with up to a 4 year guarantee, making you, the parent, feel reassured that Merifor is continuing to protect and support your little dreamer.



In 1997 the first fully sealed mattress was produced


Over 100 years of experience within cot mattress design


Specialised team focused on safer sleeping and child safety


Rigorous testing programme for safety, quality and peace of mind