Twin interior mattress of foam and micro pocket springs grows with your child, providing tailored support for the ultimate comfort and reassurance.

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Comfortable pocket spring mattress that adapts to your child’s changing weight and shape for exceptional support.

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Superior nursery foam mattress that ensures long lasting comfort and support for your child as they develop and grow.

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Small Sizes

A range of smaller superior foam mattresses for long lasting comfort and support, made to fit travel cots, cribs and moses baskets.

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Merifor Allergy Protection (MAP™)

Many mattress brands offer allergy protection but Merifor is the only cot mattress which has the Allergy UK Seal of Approval.

It achieves this through the unique design and construction of its inner and outer covers, otherwise known as the Ellergenic shield. This prevents house dust mites hiding in inaccessible areas and also prevents moulds and yeast from growing. The tiny particles which can be an irritant to your baby’s lungs and have life lasting effects are much reduced.

The outer cover is removable and washable but the mattress can still safely be used when the outer cover is in the wash. The outer cover works in harmony with the inner cover to make removal and replacement quick and easy.


Ellergenic® Shield

Reduces growth of any harmful bacteria thanks to the pathogens which are used to treat it.

The Ellergenic Shield is a system designed and developed for the Merifor mattress. It seals the core of the mattress in a high performing fabric which reduces the effects of perspiration from your child and yet is waterproof. This stops all the fluids and dead skin cells from your child getting into the softer parts of the mattress where they might otherwise provide a food source for harmful bacteria.

By being truly sealed the inner cover can be washed down if your baby has a night time accident or is sick. The inner cover also contains silver ions, used for hundreds of years as a safe anti bacterial agent which prevents microbes growing.

The outer cover has a probiotic anti allergy treatment which further prevents harmful bacteria growing while also making it difficult for the house dust mite to feed. This stops them producing the dust mite allergen and reduces their ability to breed, creating a healthy sleeping environment for your little dreamer.

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