All Merifor mattresses come with guarantees as follows:

  • Tranquillity – 4 year
  • Serenity – 3 year
  • Felicity – 2 year
  • Travel, Crib, Moses – 1 year

Our guarantee covers any manufacturing defect over the specified guarantee time frame from date of delivery, on all Merifor mattresses only. We operate a fair use policy; this is to ensure the mattress has been used as intended and not mistreated in any way.

Take good care of your mattress and it will take good care of you. Prior to use always store your mattress flat, never fold or try to roll up the mattress. We recommend rotating your cot or cot bed mattress every three months to give even wear to the mattress core; for more information, see our mattress care page As such, if the mattress is returned and shows signs of abuse or the product being misused then the guarantee will be void. Signs of misuse include, but are not restricted to, excessive water marks, excessive ‘dipping’ or ‘ribbing’ caused by non-turning of the mattress, staining and/or ripped outer covers.

Any claims under the specified product guarantee must be made from the date of delivery.  Merifor cot bed mattresses can be used up to 5 years old from birth.

The mattress can only be used for one child, not to be re-used, even if it is within the guarantee period. The mattress cannot be used for twins that co-sleep. The Merifor guarantee is valid with proof of purchase or the warranty will be void – this is to ensure that only the original owner can claim under the guarantee. Once we receive your proof of purchase receipt, your Guarantee will be activated on your particular enquiry.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.