Like anything, cot mattresses go through phases of features and different type of cores and as technology advances and research into safer sleep develops we see changes in the composition of these cot mattresses. Combine this with the power of the internet, you could find yourself feeling very confused about which mattress is best for your little dreamer. We share our guide to finding the right mattress below:

True to the core

There are many different cores to choose from but as standard you would normally find 4 types of cot mattress cores:

  • Foam: Whilst very popular, a foam mattress would only be recommended for occasional use. For grandparents, aunts and uncles, a foam mattress is ideal for regular visits but as an everyday mattress, a spring or pocket spring would be advisable. Foam will take a “set” over time, meaning that the support for the child is less over time. If you choose a foam mattress, make sure the foam used is of superior quality and steer away from memory foam as this can be harmful for the child due to the off-gassing of the foam. We use superior foam in our Felicity Range.
  • Spring: With latest technology, spring mattresses are slowly fading out as they generally don’t adapt very well to the shape of the child during the night. This is due to the way the springs are joined together, forming a spring “lattice” and move with weight concentration rather than adapting to the baby’s body to provide tailored support.
  • Pocket Spring: this is probably the most popular type of cot mattress that you will find on the market. The much loved pocket spring is well known for its ability to provide tailored support around the child’s body. Encased in their own “pocket”, the springs are joined by the pockets rather than the spring which allows them to move independently of each other. The pocket spring will adapt during the night and recover itself during the day, meaning that the lifespan of the mattress and the quality of support is much better than the two listed above. Our multi award winning Serenity range can be found here.
  • Dual Core/Twin Spring: dual cores are becoming more and more popular as time goes on but what does it mean and what does it do? The Dual core, means that you have 2 cores in one mattress. This is a great choice if you are using the mattress from birth. One side is adapted to the newborn up until around 10kg or approx. 1 year of age (this will be dependent on the manufacturer) and will generally be softer, with either foam/fibre layer or softer pocket springs. The other side can be used once your child has passed this weight/age until the end of the cot bed life span and will normally be a pocket spring composition. To learn more about our Tranquillity, click here.

The core is not the only thing that is important on your mattress; it’s also the features that come with the mattress, that’s why we have included the same features across the range.

What features should you be looking for?

  1. Removable cover: you may not know this now, but a removable cover for your mattress is essential. Accidents happen and whipping off the cover and putting baby back to sleep on the inner cover of the mattress (which you can with all our Merifors) means you and baby can get back to sleep as quickly as possible. It also eliminates the need for a mattress protector which, in some cases, can inhibit the features of the mattress.
  2. Anti allergy treatments: with the house dust mite being the most common allergen present in the sleeping environment, it’s important that the mattress has treatments that actively work to reduce these allergens. It’s a common misconception that anti allergenic mattresses are for children prone to allergies. Purotex is a very common treatment used in mattresses which is chemical based but not in any way harmful for the child.
  3. Heat-regulating properties: Overheating is very common, especially in the developing child. Treatments that help wick away the moisture from a child’s body will help ensure a sound night’s sleep by reducing sweating.
  4. Waterproof layers: this really is an added bonus but is very desirable on a mattress, especially during potty training.

Still not sure?

Ask the experts and cut out the guessing work. A good mattress expert will give you advice tailored to your child to make sure that your child gets the best nights sleep. Which? are a reliable source for mattress recommendations and you will find lots of information on sleeping and best practices from the Lullaby Trust.

If you have a question about the Merifor range, contact us here and one of our experts will come back to you.