About Our Mattresses

Give your child the best start in life with a Merifor mattress – the most scientifically advanced anti-allergy cot mattress in the UK.

Its unique allergy eliminating technology provides the ultimate sleeping environment for babies, supporting their health and wellbeing from birth.

Parents can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that Merifor is there to care for and protect their little one.

That’s why it’s the first cot mattress to receive the Allergy UK seal of approval.

Merifor – protecting our future dreamers


How our mattresses
protect your child

We want you to feel reassured

Your mattress isn’t just a purchase, it is an investment in your child’s future wellbeing. As such we want you to feel reassured that your Merifor mattress continues to protect your child day and night.

As the only dedicated cot mattress brand in the UK we understand the importance of providing the correct sleeping environment for your baby. The science of safer sleeping is a dynamic process that continues to evolve. At Merifor we continue to invest in clinical research to protect those that mean so much to us, our future dreamers.

Caring for your Merifor Mattress

Take good care of your mattress and it will take good care of you.

Prior to use always store your mattress flat, never fold or try to roll up the mattress.

Once in use the outer cover is easily removable and can be washed at 60°, a temperature which kills dust mites. While the outer cover is in the wash the mattress can still be used with just the inner, non-removable cover.

The inner cover is completely sealed and waterproof. We recommend that you sponge clean it regularly, using a child safe detergent.

We recommend rotating your cot or cot bed mattress every three months to give even wear to the mattress core.

6 Essential sleeping tips for your little one

  • 1

    Always place your child to sleep on their back, with their feet to the foot of the cot.

  • 2

    Make sure the sleeping environment is quiet, cool, dark and comfortable. Between 16-20°C is good, 18°C is ideal.

  • 3

    Always tuck your child’s bedding no higher than shoulder level, once you have placed them in their cot. It prevents their head from getting covered underneath the bedding.

  • 4

    Don’t place pillows, stuffed toys or additional blankets in the cot as they could become a suffocation hazard.

  • 5

    Your child’s mattress should fit snugly into the cot base. When it’s pushed to one corner of the cot there should be no more than a 3cm gap between the mattress and the frame to avoid the danger of entrapment.

  • 6

    Always transfer your baby to their cot to go to sleep. The cot is the safest environment for them to sleep in.